Crew Neck Sparkling Mini Dress

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Introducing the stunning Crew Neck Sparkling Mini Dress – a radiant blend of sophistication and glamour. This dress boasts a classic crew neckline that exudes timeless elegance while offering a chic canvas for the sparkling embellishments. The intricate sparkling details adorn the entirety of the dress, catching light effortlessly and creating a mesmerizing aura that’s perfect for various occasions.

Crafted to make a statement, this mini dress showcases a perfect balance between refinement and a touch of dazzling allure. The crew neck design elevates the dress’s sophistication, making it suitable for formal events, cocktail parties, or any occasion where you aim to shine. Its mini length adds a playful yet elegant vibe, offering versatility in styling to suit your preference.

This Crew Neck Sparkling Mini Dress is a celebration of modern elegance, combining a classic silhouette with sparkling elements that bring a contemporary edge. Whether it’s a special event or an evening out, this dress promises to be a radiant choice, effortlessly enhancing your style with its shimmering allure.

Measurement In Inch
  Bust Waist Hips Length
XS 25.2 23.6 31.5 35.4
S 26.8 25.2 33.1 36.2
M 28.3 26.8 34.6 36.6
L 30.7 29.1 37.0 37.4
XL 33.1 31.5 39.4 38.2