Lace Up Tassel Sleeve Shiny Dress

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Indulge in a fusion of glamour and playfulness with this stunning Shiny Dress adorned with exquisite tassel sleeves and a captivating lace-up design. Crafted to captivate attention, this dress intertwines elegance with a touch of flirtatious charm.

The intricate lace-up detailing runs along the bodice, perfectly complementing the flowing tassel sleeves that add movement and grace to every step. Whether it’s a special evening event, a celebration, or a night out, this dress exudes sophistication and allure, ensuring you stand out with its unique shimmer and stylish detailing.

With its attention to detail and striking design elements, this Shiny Dress elevates any occasion, offering a blend of sophistication and alluring style. The lace-up and tassel sleeve details not only enhance the dress’s visual appeal but also provide a delightful touch, making it an exquisite ensemble for those seeking both elegance and individuality. The shimmering fabric catches and reflects light beautifully, ensuring you shimmer and shine wherever you go, leaving an impression of effortless sophistication.


Measurement In Inch
Bust Bust Stretch Waist Waist Stretch Hips Hips Stretch Length
S 31.5 33.1 24.4 26.0 33.1 34.6 61.4
M 33.1 34.6 26.0 27.6 34.6 36.2 61.4
L 35.0 36.6 28.0 29.5 36.6 38.2 62.2
XL 37.0 38.6 29.9 31.5 38.6 40.2 62.2