Long Shining Sequin Maxi Dress

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Adorn yourself in radiance with this Long Shining Sequin Maxi Dress, a graceful ensemble that epitomizes elegance. Designed to captivate with its glistening allure, this dress features a cascade of sequins that shimmer in the light, creating an entrancing effect as you move. Its sleek silhouette contours the body, accentuating your curves while exuding sophistication.

Crafted for special occasions and formal gatherings, this maxi dress carries an air of timeless glamour and refinement. Its flowing design drapes gracefully, making each step a graceful movement, perfect for red-carpet moments or celebratory soirées. The sequins, meticulously arranged, reflect and refract light, ensuring you stand out with a captivating sparkle.

Indulge in the opulent allure of this sequin-adorned dress that harmonizes luxury and sophistication. Embrace the sophistication of a chic silhouette combined with the dazzling effect of sequins, creating an enchanting and radiant presence at any event or gathering.


Measurement In Inch
  Bust Waist Hips Length
XS 32.3 28.7 39.0 58.7
S 33.5 29.5 39.8 58.7
M 34.3 30.7 40.9 59.1
L 35.4 31.5 41.7 59.1
XL 37.0 33.1 43.3 59.4
XXL 38.6 34.6 44.9 59.4
3XL 40.9 37.0 47.2 59.8

4 reviews for Long Shining Sequin Maxi Dress

  1. Jeanne (verified owner)

    Sparkling like diamonds, this dress exudes luxury and refinement.

  2. Talia (verified owner)

    This dress is a versatile addition to any wardrobe, perfect for both formal events and casual nights out.

  3. Gemma (verified owner)

    Very pleased.

  4. Noelle (verified owner)

    Absolutely stunning. Perfect in every way.

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